FOMOOP (Fear of Missing Out on Projects)

For freelance web designers, finding a measure of comfort in our workload can be quite difficult. It seems like we’re either hair-falling-out busy or bored out of our minds. Happy mediums don’t really exist. Then, there’s always that worry that comes along with not knowing what’s just around the corner. Just because we’re busy today … Read more

Learn How to Determine Website Project Requirements Like a Pro

Perhaps it sounds ironic, but one of the hardest parts of a web designer’s job occurs before the project actually begins. Figuring out website project requirements can stump even experienced designers. Why is that? Quite often, it comes down to communication. Clients can understandably struggle with articulating their needs. Terminology is one part of the equation. But … Read more

Tech and Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

Choosing a delicious looking sweet from a bakery is a favorite of many people. Weddings are perfected with the sight of a two to three-tiered cake beautifully decorated for the memorable occasion. Chocolate or vanilla, everybody has their favorite. Professional bakers are the ones who bring us these wonderful desserts. In an ever growing industry, … Read more

8 Design Tips to Make Your Blog or Shop Stand Out

You probably don’t need us to tell you that there’s a lot of competition on the internet. Your users have near-limitless options for where they can spend their time online. Because of that variety, finding a way to stand out can feel like an impossible task.  Fortunately, a little bit of creative design can go … Read more

3 reasons to stop being nice at work

At the age of six, between playing hopscotch, riding bikes, and drawing pictures, I learned an important lesson about how teams work based on the story of The Three Little Pigs, where an industrious farm animal and his two brothers built houses made of various materials. Each dwelling looked sturdy from the outside, but only one … Read more