Want to find a great name for your brand? Embrace the strange

Forget what you think you know about naming. Experts will tell you that a good name needs to be a single syllable, with an easy pronunciation and a clear link to whatever the name represents. But follow these rules and you might just end up lost and forgotten in the crowd. When it comes to […]

Brand consistency—the competitive advantage and how to achieve it

Brand consistency is the key to earning customer trust and elevating your ROI. And alternatively, inconsistent branding dampens brand status and creates confusion in the marketplace. In an effort to better understand how exactly brand consistency drives revenue and growth, Novonto surveyed over 400 brand management experts to ascertain the analytical impact of brand consistency. […]

12 examples of great brand guidelines

We’ve talked before about what a brand is: the sum total of all the impressions your customers have of you, everything from your logo to your customer service to your product quality. As such, it’s important that you control all of those touchpoints. Everything you’re doing sends a message, and it’s your job as a […]

What is branding, and why is branding important?

If you Google “brand definition” you’ll find forty-three different attempts on just the first page of search results alone. There are so many competing misconceptions about what a brand is that it might be simpler to say what a brand is not: A brand is not a logo. A brand is not a name. A brand […]