19 Buzzwords Editors Are Tired of Hearing

The business world is full of enough buzzwords to make your head spin. Whether you’re on the “bleeding edge of innovation” or you’re “drinking your own Kool-Aid,” buzzwords can make your content seem fluffy and can send the wrong message to readers: that you don’t actually know what you’re talking about. Readers are flocking to your […]

How to find out what a client really needs

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with clients can be determining what a client really needs. Usually, the exploration phase of a project will reveal some clues. But there are times when everything provided to you is vague enough to leave some serious doubt in your mind. That’s not an ideal situation. If […]

Using psychology to design your product

When your designing muse comes calling, and you start working on your potentially award-winning app, it will come as a surprise that you need more than creativity to get your hot UX design off the board. Indeed, masters in the field cannot overemphasize the importance of psychology to design UX. User experience designs work best […]