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Create animated terminal presentations (updated)

Term sheets is a JavaScript app to produce terminal typing and output animations for embedding in presentations, readmes, tweets, etc. Other solutions usually involve recording a live screen. I wanted a way to simply provide a payload of instructions so I didn’t have to rehearse my typing and wait for network output, as well as style it to look nice.

We already talked about Carbon that was a great tool for code presentation, now lets talk about terminal presentation, this also needs a beautifull presentation right? “That can. with TermSheets, see the. example below”

As seen in the example above you are able to create beautifull presentation of the terminal input and output, this can be exported in SVG, HTML and GIF. Just go to the site and press the edit button to configure the input and output text. Like most beautifull projects this is also open-source, if you want to help with the development head to the github page and help them out.

Updated Github Link