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+10x your high-value leads with a proven strategic growth plan. Grow your business organically today.

Increase your Brand Authority

Long-term organic growth

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What my customers say

Most agencies offer short-term solutions that neglect the long-term needs of the business.

Many B2B business owners experience a frustrating gap between their marketing team and their business goals. This leads to:

Reach your business goals with a proven B2B marketing strategy today.

Increase your high-quality leads by a factor of 10 through thought leadership and brand authority.

Achieve desired business results with a marketing strategy that really works.

Become an authority in your industry.

I will implement a PR plan that positions you as an expert in your field within your niche industry.

Increase your online visibility with SEO and authoritative content.

Start increasing traffic to your new, conversion-oriented website.

Increase conversions and boost sales.

Combining your new authority in your industry with an increase in traffic to your website watch your conversions grow.

The simple 3-step plan

Book a discovery interview

Let's explore your pain points, goals and objectives.

Receive an audit on your digital presence

With a long-term plan for growing your business.

See your business flourish

With the implementation of your new brand message and content marketing plan.

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Meet your guide

Hello, I'm Joel, your experienced B2B marketer.

I understand that long-term success requires more than just outsourcing tasks. I equip your company with the tools to drive growth. Through our comprehensive audits and actionable blueprints, we ensure your team not only understands the strategies, but also has a clear roadmap to increase your company's authority and your valuable conversions.

As a marketing director with more than 6 years of experience in SEO, content marketing and B2B marketing strategy, I help companies develop comprehensive strategies to help companies find valuable leads and am responsible for more than $3 million in acquisition revenue.

I enjoy working with clients to strengthen their business and personal brand authority, while driving valuable traffic to their website and significantly increasing leads.

Packages & Prices

3 Ways to Grow Your Business

Package for Brand Authority

(Included with Package 2 & 3)

Take your mid-sized B2B company to an industry leadership position by building brand authority and trust.

From €1,590

You get:


Package 2:

Comprehensive audit, blueprint for growth and implementation

From €2,990

For a simple site with 3 service pages, you get:

Package 3: Package 2 + monthly follow-up

Package 3 includes everything from Package 2 plus monthly strategy meetings with your marketing team to monitor progress and make recommendations to achieve goals and measure ROI.

From €7,400

Includes everything from package 2, plus:

Not sure which plan to choose?

Work with a B2B marketer who really listens.

Many freelance marketing experts do not understand the "big picture" of their B2B clients. With a customized plan based on your vision, mission and long-term growth goals, we can work together to scale your business to an authority in your field. Let's have a conversation today.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I only guarantee 10x growth if you do exactly what I recommend. This includes hiring native content writers who will create content at scale to support all other marketing efforts.

NATURALLY, here are two B2B marketing case studies:
  1. Betterworks Asia
  2. CBIP Logistics

I do not handle the actual writing of the articles that support the marketing efforts. To ensure 10x growth or ROI after 12 months, you need to hire full-time writers to produce SEO-friendly content on a large scale. I will hire and engage those writers as part of packages 2 & 3.

I am very careful and selective in how I use AI. I harness the power of AI to create plans and schedules for our content. However, when creating full blog articles and content, I prefer human writers for now, with an absolute focus on quality and usability.

The price mentioned above is the starting price, for a simple page with only 3 service or product pages. The price increases according to the complexity of the website in question and the services provided.

Typically, it takes 3 months after package 2 is implemented and a team of writers has started producing content for your website before you see noticeable growth.

Schedule a 30-minute no-obligation phone consultation

Stop wasting your time and let's grow your business organically and authoritatively today.