The website Dynamic Wallpaper Club collects all kinds of dynamic wallpapers for MacOS users. The website also provides tools so you can easily create and share your dynamic wallpaper.

Apple introduced dynamic wallpapers with MacOS Mojave that changes based on the time. The default background that Apple showed was a desert that went from sunny to night. This means at night you would have a darker wallpaper that also would go easy on the eyes when working in low light environment. The sad news is that Apple only delivers two dynamic wallpapers and no information on how to get or create more wallpapers.

Dynamic Wallpaper Club

Here comes Dynamic Wallpaper Club in play, they provide user shared dynamic wallpapers and not only that they provide you tools to create your own. As of writing this it is a relative new site but with the ease of use and user-friendly interface it will get more attraction. As for the selection goes there are beautiful landscapes, skylines and nature wallpapers where some go up to 5K resolution. For the more artistic ones there are also pixelated wallpapers available.

Downloading and setting it up is relatively easy to achieve, download the wallpaper that you like and put it in a folder for easy management. Next you need to go to the system preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver in the tab Desktop, at the bottom left there is a + icon press it and choose the folder you put the wallpaper in. Now you can select the wallpaper from the folders.

Make your own

Registering to the website makes it also possible for you to create your own dynamic wallpaper and share it with other people. The website makes it easy for you to get started with the creation of the wallpaper. When creating a dynamic wallpaper, it gives you options like when the change will occur for example based on the sun or time-based change. Give it a try you would love it.