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Live within a month

At Novonto, we aim to have your online store live within a month. That way, you can quickly start achieving your online goals and growing your business.

Professional WordPress website

With our services, we ensure that your WordPress online store has a professional look and feel. This not only strengthens your brand identity, but also increases your customers' trust.

Built for success

Our web stores are specifically designed and built to drive success. With attention to detail and focus on functionality, we create a platform that helps your business grow.


Fair, simple prices

With us you will find fair and simple prices. No hidden fees or surprises, just transparent and affordable rates.

Managed Hosting

Everything needed to ensure a safe and healthy performing website.

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Company Website

Would you prefer a customized wordpress website with full design? Perfect for most regular WordPress websites. 


Web store

Prefer a Webshop? Get it arranged with Novonto and enjoy the extras

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Unique and Powerful WordPress web store for your Thriving Business

We create custom WordPress web stores that perfectly fit your brand and business goals. From design to going live, we ensure quality and functionality, making your website not only attractive, but also containing essential growth features. Below are more details about our services.

Custom WordPress Web Store

At Novonto, we focus on creating custom WordPress web stores that perfectly fit your unique brand and business goals. From the initial design phase to launch, we ensure a professional result that sets your business apart.

User-friendly functionalities

With our expertise in WordPress, we guarantee a seamless user experience. Your online store will be equipped with powerful features essential for growth in the digital landscape, allowing your customers to easily navigate and take action.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We implement best practices for search engine optimization to ensure that your online store is highly findable. This helps increase your online visibility, attract more traffic and generate valuable leads.

Mobile & Desktop design

Your WordPress website will be developed with a responsive design, which means it will display perfectly on any device. This ensures a consistent and optimal experience regardless of whether your visitors view your site on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Conversion-oriented Design

Benefit from state-of-the-art web designs that encourage conversions. We understand the importance of converting visitors into customers, and our websites are designed with an eye toward encouraging actions that support the growth of your business.

Online Excellence - Novonto Guarantee

Let your brand excel in the digital world. With our professional WordPress websites, your business will have an online presence that exudes excellence. From visual aesthetics to functional depth, we make sure your brand image is consistent and appealing.


Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

We aim to have your online store live within a month, so you can quickly start achieving your online goals and growing your business. When developing your WordPress website, we use an efficient process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Once we receive approval, we get right to work building your website.

Costs for a WordPress web store start at our standard starting price of € 1999.95, unless there are specific requirements, such as special integrations or development of custom plugins. Our goal is to provide transparent and fair pricing, so you know exactly where you stand.

No, you will receive one price for your entire website. All costs are clearly agreed in advance and included in a detailed quotation. That way you know exactly where you stand and there are no surprises. We strive for transparency and clarity in our pricing. Whether you choose a basic website or an extensive e-commerce solution, all costs are discussed in advance and included in the quote.

We design your website completely according to your specifications and goals. If you need specific features to realize your online vision, we are ready to integrate them for you. Our process begins with a detailed discussion in which we identify your needs and requirements. Whether it's an advanced booking system, a comprehensive e-commerce solution or other specific features, we'll work together to make sure your website does exactly what you need it to.

Our dedicated support team is always ready to resolve any issues with your website quickly and efficiently. Whether it's technical errors, functionality issues or other concerns, we're here to help. You can count on us for quick and effective solutions to get your website running smoothly again and ensure your online presence. Our goal is to make your experience with our service as trouble-free as possible.

Questions about functionality

Your WordPress website development includes the following elements:

  • WordPress Website Installation: We install WordPress on your domain, so you can quickly get started building your online presence.

  • Setting up WordPress Website: We take care of configuring your WordPress website, including setting up the right settings and plugins.

  • SEO Friendly Design: Your website will be designed with search engine optimization in mind, to ensure that you can be easily found in search engines such as Google.

  • Pages Included:
    • Homepage
    • About Us/Me Page
    • Services Page
    • Contact Page
    • Blog Page
    • Standard Page Design
    • Webshop page
    • Products page
    • General conditions
    • Cookie Policy

  • Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet: Your website will be developed with a responsive design, which means it will look great and work well on any device, be it a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Google Analytics Integration: We integrate Google Analytics on your website, giving you insight into visitor behavior and website performance.

  • Security Plugin Installation: To protect your website, we install a security plugin that helps prevent potential security issues.

  • 1-on-1 Personal WordPress Training: You will receive personal training to become familiar with managing and updating your WordPress website.

At Novonto, we have extensive experience in building various types of online stores using WordPress and the powerful WooCommerce plugin. Here are some examples of the various possibilities:

  • Clothing and Fashion Webshops: From trendy clothing boutiques to major fashion houses, we can design an attractive and functional web shop to showcase your clothing line. This includes product galleries, size and color options, and integration with payment methods.

  • Electronics and Gadgets: For sellers of electronics, gadgets and technological gadgets, we can set up a professional web store. Offer a wide range of products, including detailed specifications and customer reviews.

  • Health and Wellness Products: Webshops selling health and wellness products, such as dietary supplements, organic cosmetics, and sporting goods, can turn to us for an optimized web shop. This includes sections for different health categories, subscription services, and product recommendations.

  • Furniture and Interior Decoration: Sellers of furniture and interior decoration can have an attractive web store built to showcase their products. This includes product filters by category, color and style, along with inspiring interior design ideas.

  • Food and Beverages: For restaurants, delis, and food producers, we can create a tasty web store. Think online ordering for takeout and delivery meals, product packages, and integration with online payment systems.

  • Art and Handmade Products: For artists, artisans and creative makers, we can set up an online store to sell their unique creations. This includes high-quality product photos, personal stories behind the products, and options for custom orders.

  • Sports and Outdoor Equipment: Sell sportswear, outdoor adventure gear, and fitness accessories with a customized webshop. This includes detailed product descriptions, sizing advice, and integration with sporting events or challenges.

These are just a few examples of the various types of online stores we can build at Novonto using WordPress and WooCommerce. Whether you are a small start-up or an established online retailer, we have the expertise to develop and optimize your webshop for success. Contact us to discuss how we can turn your specific ideas into a professional and profitable online store.

Yes, at Novonto we can extend your online store with additional features to meet your specific needs. Here are some options for expansion:

  • Installing Additional Plugins: We can install additional plugins to add new features to your online store. This includes, for example, plugins for advanced product filters, upselling and cross-selling, customer reviews, and more.
  • API Integrations Programming: If you need integration with external systems or services, we can program APIs to enable seamless connections. This includes, for example, integrations with payment gateways, shipping services, inventory management systems, and accounting software.
  • Implementing Additional Features: We can implement additional features specific to your business. This can include setting up subscription services, personalized product options, membership programs, and more.
  • Billing Integrations: If you need automated invoicing for your online store, we can implement integrations with billing software. This makes it easy to generate, send and manage invoices for your customers.

At Novonto, we understand that every online store has unique requirements and strive to provide customized solutions. Whether you want to expand your product offerings, optimize your checkout process, or explore new sales channels, we have the expertise to make it happen for you.

Contact us to discuss what additional features you would like to add to your online store. We are ready to help you expand and improve your online shopping experience.

Yes, at Novonto we make sure that your online store is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. This means that your online store will not only look good on desktop computers, but also on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Responsive design ensures that the layout and content of your online store automatically adjust to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. This ensures an optimal user experience regardless of the device your customers use to store.

With a mobile-friendly online store, your customers can easily browse through your products, view product details, and checkout securely, all from their cell phone or tablet. This contributes to a smooth and pleasant shopping experience, which in turn can lead to more conversions and returning customers.

Although we recommend using our hosting, you are under no obligation to do so. Our hosting is fastreliablesafe and cost-effective, and allows us to provide the best support.

 However, if you already have a hosting provider you are happy with, you can continue to use it. We will still support you in the development and maintenance of your website, no matter which hosting provider you choose. Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss the best option for your needs.

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Meet Novonto, your partner for stunning WordPress websites with Elementor. We believe a website is more than digital business card. It's a powerful tool to reinforce your brand, generate leads and grow your business. That's why we design custom websites that are not only visually appealing, but also user-friendly, responsive and SEO-optimized.

And much more...

Based on your specific requirements, we have the ability to expand the systems with various functions. For example, we can provide a events calendar integrate, allowing visitors to see at a glance what is planned. In addition, we can also provide a booking system add, so customers can easily and directly book an appointment or a service. And to make it even easier, we can also add a payment system implement, allowing customers to make payments securely and quickly. All of these enhancements are aimed at increasing the ease of use for your customers and streamlining your business processes.

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