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Calirawa is a true based story. A part of our own personalities is to keep challenging ourselves beyond our comfort zone. As devoted explorers, we seek to explore the unknown corridors of the world, in order to find ultimately, a cultural fusion. We believe that, to witness cultures, to visit the most inspiring landscapes, and to meet the friendliest people, you need to embrace all unique characteristics of each visited place.

These global characteristics are the inspiration for the birth of Calirawa. A hike in the Colombian jungle, tuk-tuk drive in Thailand or a railway across Siberia, all these experiences create meaningful connection with the locals. Calirawa is the adaption of colorful patterns in your outfit and brings back cultural adventures back to our own society. This combination always reminds us to the positive vibes we have had on our journeys.

The world is a shared place and every journey is the opportunity to create cultural immersion. That’s what we do! We bring a part of these colorful cultures back home. Our designs are a reflection of our journeys. To share our experiences through fashion makes us feel good and hope to inspire every individual to join our exploration.