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How to send your mails through Gmail

This guide will show you how to add your email account to Gmail so you will be able to send with your own mail address through Gmail.

First login to gmail and got to settings: On the right upper side you will find a “gear” icon press on it to show the dropdown menu, in this menu click on the “Settings” option.


In the settings click on the “Accounts and Import” tab to find the account settings, here you can find the “Send mail as” setting. Click on the “add another email address” to add a new mail address to your Gmail account:


Adding your Novonto mail

Follow the instruction that the popup window will provide. Fill your name and email address in the field and press "Next Step". In the following window you will be able to setup the Server settings, as shown in the screenshot, fill out the settings en Finish the settings by clicking "Save Settings"

Server settings

SMTP Server:
Port: 465
Username: [email protected]
Password: password that is delivered to you
Choose SSL option for secure connection