The Challenge of Convincing Clients to Put Users First

One of the more interesting and important dynamics of being a web designer is the relationship you have with your clients. This relationship really is the basis for your work and can be a big factor in determining the final outcome. But it’s not just about getting along – although that’s certainly recommended. Even more critical […]

Staying in Touch with What Users Want

As web designers, we build sites for our clients based on our own expertise. And while there are tried-and-true techniques for placing items such as navigation and calls to action, other design decisions are more arbitrary. We often end up implementing features the way we think users will want them to be. While this is challenging for […]

Ways Web Designers Give Away Their Time (Without Realizing It)

Many people outside of the industry are surprised to find out that web designers are just like them. We need to eat, have a roof over our heads and a shiny new phone in our pockets every six months or so. All kidding aside, we are indeed running a business and need to make a […]

How to find out what a client really needs

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with clients can be determining what a client really needs. Usually, the exploration phase of a project will reveal some clues. But there are times when everything provided to you is vague enough to leave some serious doubt in your mind. That’s not an ideal situation. If […]