luu, beyond being a fashion brand, is a women’s project.


Full-stack Enterprise Media Management

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UX/UI Design & Website

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Google Analytics & Measurement

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Marketing Campaigns & Content Creation

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Frame slider phone — An eCommerce experience that acts as an extension of the brand’s founding beliefs.

Since the beginning, luu as a clothing brand has stood for freethinkers—confident in who they are but curious about the world around them.

They’re not white-collar and they’re not blue-collar. They’re new-collar, and it’s the way they live, look, and show up that makes them proper. To amplify and outfit these individuals, we helped recruit the next generation of luu customers through a fully integrated campaign, please contact us.

Meet & Greet

We talk about the current situation and what is expected from our team. We agreed on a new eCommerce, Branding strategy and SEO strategy.

Building Strategy

Our team started working in a strategy plan that will be executed accordingly to meet our goals.

Executing the plan

After the client agreed with the strategy we started immediately executing the strategy plan, including new eCommerce website and SEO strategy.


We launched the new eCommerce website with our SEO strategy. The client is happy with the results.