Brand Strategy

Are you looking to take your business and marketing to the next level? One key way to do this is by defining your company’s beating heart, or in other words, creating a solid brand strategy. A strong brand strategy can help you stand out in a crowded market, build trust with your customers, and ultimately drive more business. Novonto Branding is here to help you achieve this. With our expertise and experience in branding, we can work with you to create a brand strategy that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience.

Define and convey your brand's story and essence

You’re an expert in your field. You know the ropes. Your customers are generally happy. But you feel your company has much more potential. Do you want higher profit margins? Easier and bigger financial investments? Longer, more sustainable interactions with you customers? Attract the best people to your team and add more value to your company?

Branding can do the heavy lifting for you! Those who have ever tried to define their brand are aware it’s no easy feat. If you want to take your business and marketing to the next level, though, you’ll have to pinpoint and convey your business’s beating heart. What you need is to understand the purpose of your brand and create a solid, well thought-out brand strategy.

Create your brand’s foundation!

Perhaps you’ve already described your mission, vision, and core values. But have these elements found their way into the ‘real world?’ And does everyone in your organization support them and behave accordingly?

Many companies’ marketing efforts don’t go beyond a product-based approach. These businesses have refrained from creating a strong brand strategy and therefore lack a solid story foundation. As a result, they have trouble distinguishing themselves in the market.

To build a distinctive brand and create brand awareness, you should understand the purpose you’re aiming for and get to the core of your story. Only then, you can position your brand: you’ll have one overarching vision that interconnects all internal and external stakeholders.

Build a brand

Here’s what a brand strategy does: it creates connections. First, it unites employees and helps them get on the same page. That means they’ll behave and communicate in a clear, unambiguous way. Second, a brand strategy turns customers into ambassadors. Your most loyal fans, they’ll promote your brand without you having to ask.

Define your brand identity

If you embark on our brand strategy program, we’ll walk you through the process of distilling your brand essence and building a solid brand. During our sessions , we will jointly define what your brand is about. Afterwards, we’ll summarize the outcome in a practical brand strategy document and a brand blueprint overview, which includes a one-page poster.

Trends provide a birds-eye view of perceptions and behaviours of current and potential audiences. To know why you are different it’s important to research the competition.

Who are your stakeholders and what drives them? In this session we create personas and make an empathy mapping of your most important stakeholders.

Let’s dive deep in to the core of your business! Together we’ll discover your your mission and vision, and your ‘Why, How, What’.

In the final step we define your brand values, brand voice, personality and characteristics. All on the basis of your brand story.

Finally, we will create a blueprint that contains all the information you need to incorporate your brand strategy into your marketing plans or brand identity.

Your brand should be a business asset, not a marketing challenge

Challenge our creative thinking power for your business.

Toward a successful brand strategy

We work in a practical, straightforward way. If you join forces with us to define your brand strategy, we will organize four sessions. We’ll start with the overarching picture and gradually zoom in on the details. We will focus on everything that matters to your brand strategy: your company’s story, personality, and values, as well as the market, trends, stakeholders, and your target audience.

We encourage you to involve your team in these sessions, so your brand strategy will gain support along the way — after all, everyone will acquire insights and define the brand together.

Once we’re done brainstorming, we will create a blueprint that contains all the information you need to incorporate your brand strategy into your marketing plans or brand identity. The blueprint also includes an inspiring one pager that describes your why, how, what, purpose, mission, vision, brand values, core competences, and growth objectives in an inspiring way. Our advice: print it out as a poster and hang it on your office walls, so everyone can internalize and communicate your brand strategy!

Besides the blueprint, you will receive a comprehensive brand strategy report, which you can use when devising long-term strategies. We always make sure your brand strategy suits your business and marketing goals.

Whereas all these elements may change over time — goals and strategies are often revised — the most important element of your brand strategy will always stay the same: your brand story. And that’s why this whole process will bear fruit in the short and long term.