Webdesign & Development

Are you looking to attract visitors to your website and turn them into customers? One effective way to do this is by opting for website development and design that centralize the user experience. A user-centered website design will make it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need, increasing the chances of them becoming customers. Novonto Agency can help you achieve this. Our team of experts specialize in website development and design that prioritizes the user experience. Join forces with us and we’ll work together to create a website that not only looks great but also effectively converts visitors into customers.

Attract visitors and turn them into customers

Your website contains a ton of useful information. But does it put the user first? Does it convince potential customers that you are the go-to party in your field? Can visitors seamlessly navigate through the site? And do they click the ‘Contact’ or ‘Purchase’ button after scrolling through the pages?

To attract visitors and turn them into customers, you need website development and design that centralize the user experience (UX) and are built around your brand story and strategy!

Many companies focus on technical ingenuity. But even though that makes for an impressive website, it doesn’t necessarily help achieve your business goals. If you want your web development efforts to bear fruit, you should focus on the people that visit your website.

Philosophy behind the web development process: your website should provide an experience

Nowadays, your website is much more than an extended business card. In fact, it’s the online equivalent of your business premises. What if your website provides a brand experience? What if it’s a place where people get to know your company from the inside out?

If you opt for Novonto Branding’s web development and design, we will create a website that breathes life into your brand. Every element will convey your brand story in one way or another. We’ll build the copy, visuals, animated branding videos, and structure around your brand, turning every visit into an experience for your clients and potential new employees.

On top of that, we’ll pay attention to user-friendliness, so visitors will find it a joy to scroll through your site. In this context, ‘mobile first’ is a key term — today, your website should work perfectly on all devices.

We don’t use templates as these are stored in the back end (even the ones you don’t use), which means your website will load slowly. That doesn’t make for a good user experience, and it’s not beneficial in terms of SEO — an important aspect to our approach.

So, we prefer to design from scratch. That said, your website will be WordPress-based, so you can easily maintain it and add new content whenever you so desire

Your brand should be a business asset, not a marketing challenge

Challenge our creative thinking power for your business.