Staying in Touch with What Users Want

As web designers, we build sites for our clients based on our own expertise. And while there are tried-and-true techniques for placing items such as navigation and calls to action, other design decisions are more arbitrary. We often end up implementing features the way we think users will want them to be. While this is challenging for […]

Designing Better Links For Websites And Emails: A Guideline

Why are “click here” and “by this link” poor choices? And is it acceptable to use “read more”? All these phrases have become so common that many people don’t see any problems with them. How many times have you encountered or composed the following on websites, in emails, or intranets? Fill in this form by the end […]

Advice for Beginners That Are Starting Out in Web Design

The web design community is great at sharing knowledge. But quite often what we share has some prerequisites attached. You’d likely need to already be a web designer or developer to get something out of it. But what about beginners? If you’re just starting your journey in web design, you may feel left out. With […]

8 Design Tips to Make Your Blog or Shop Stand Out

You probably don’t need us to tell you that there’s a lot of competition on the internet. Your users have near-limitless options for where they can spend their time online. Because of that variety, finding a way to stand out can feel like an impossible task.  Fortunately, a little bit of creative design can go […]

12 examples of great brand guidelines

We’ve talked before about what a brand is: the sum total of all the impressions your customers have of you, everything from your logo to your customer service to your product quality. As such, it’s important that you control all of those touchpoints. Everything you’re doing sends a message, and it’s your job as a […]

Does a designer’s opinion mean more than the user’s?

Okay. I’m going to come out and say it. Designer’s opinion are often way too territorial about their designs. It’s only natural, of course. You spend years and years developing your design skills, you create the ideal process for your ideal user to follow so that (you’re certain) they will get the best experience possible. […]

Using psychology to design your product

When your designing muse comes calling, and you start working on your potentially award-winning app, it will come as a surprise that you need more than creativity to get your hot UX design off the board. Indeed, masters in the field cannot overemphasize the importance of psychology to design UX. User experience designs work best […]