The Challenge of Convincing Clients to Put Users First

One of the more interesting and important dynamics of being a web designer is the relationship you have with your clients. This relationship really is the basis for your work and can be a big factor in determining the final outcome. But it’s not just about getting along – although that’s certainly recommended. Even more critical […]

Staying in Touch with What Users Want

As web designers, we build sites for our clients based on our own expertise. And while there are tried-and-true techniques for placing items such as navigation and calls to action, other design decisions are more arbitrary. We often end up implementing features the way we think users will want them to be. While this is challenging for […]

Interview questions you should be asking if the job is remote

Contrary to belief, remote work isn’t all pajamas and coffee shops. Working remotely means working, which means getting the job done and being productive all day, every workday. As a remote-friendly employer, you know this. However, applicants may apply for the job because it’s remote, not because it’s the right job for them. Even with […]

Advice for Beginners That Are Starting Out in Web Design

The web design community is great at sharing knowledge. But quite often what we share has some prerequisites attached. You’d likely need to already be a web designer or developer to get something out of it. But what about beginners? If you’re just starting your journey in web design, you may feel left out. With […]

Learn How to Determine Website Project Requirements Like a Pro

Perhaps it sounds ironic, but one of the hardest parts of a web designer’s job occurs before the project actually begins. Figuring out website project requirements can stump even experienced designers. Why is that? Quite often, it comes down to communication. Clients can understandably struggle with articulating their needs. Terminology is one part of the equation. But […]

Should You Charge for Website Project Estimates?

Creating project estimates can be difficult. Because no two websites are the same, web designers need to understand a client’s specific needs. That often requires a lot of digging. It includes asking a lot of probing questions about what the client is hoping to accomplish. From there, it’s time to research competitors and the technologies […]

Should you use digital marketing or old school marketing?

Cutting-edge marketing techniques, based on the Internet, work well. Digital marketing has an enormous reach and its inexpensive. Meanwhile, old-school marketing, which existed before the Internet, still works today. But it is expensive, costing you more time and money. And it also has fewer metrics. making it difficult to target your ideal audience. Cutting edge […]